The most important time in your child’s development is birth through the age of five. We at Primary Learning Preschool Parkland are prepared to provide a fun, safe, learning environment that fosters intellectual as well as social growth for these years and beyond. Primary Learning Preschool is a loving center where your child will feel free to explore and discover, a center that will open the doors to learning. At Primary Learning Preschool we believe that a happy child is one that will thrive, a child that with tender love and care will blossom.

Our goal is to create for your child a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere that promotes learning. In doing so, your child will not only develop self-confidence and independence but also a lifelong love of learning.

Programs offered at Primary Learning Preschool Parkland afford parents the knowledge that children here receive the best childcare and hands-on education possible in a warm and caring environment where learning is valued.

An integral aspect for the success of every child is an open line of communication among parents, teachers, and the school. By regularly keeping parents abreast of their child’s progress, done through conferences, daily, weekly and monthly reports, information necessary to track a youngster’s accomplishments is always readily available. Your involvement and our commitment will help your child blossom socially and academically.

Special care is taken in the hiring of all employees. Our teachers are certified and/or hold early childhood credentials; many have extensive experience in childcare and/or education. We not only foster a love of learning in the children we nurture, but encourage the same in staff members. By furthering their knowledge and expertise through continuing education, our teachers provide your child with excellent care and a myriad of opportunities for development.